The top 10 nations that drink the most alcohol in the world are actually in Europe. The region is home to the heaviest drinking countries, with Belarus taking the top spot, according to a report by World Health Organization (2014 data). The study reveals the levels of alcohol consumption (spirits) in all 194 WHO member states and its impact on the public health.

Belarusians drink on average 17.5 litres per person every year, while Romania ranks fourth with 14.4 litres per person.

The statistic shows that the countries from Central and Eastern Europe have the highest consumption of pure alcohol per person. Check out our list below to find out which are the rest of World’s Top 10 Heaviest Drinking Countries.

10. Portugal

~ 12.9 litres per person

9. Czech Republic and Slovakia

~ 13 litres per person

8. Hungary

~ 13.3 litres per person

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7. Andorra


~ 13.8 litres per person

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6. Ukraine

~ 13.9 litres per person

5. Romania

~ 14.4 litres per person

4. Russian Federation

~ 15.1 litres per person

3. Lithuania 

~ 15.4 litres per person

2. Republic of Moldova

~ 16.8 litres per person

1. Belarus

~ 17.5 litres per person


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