The fast food of Greece is delicious and full of flavors, and to make it even more appealing – it’s cheap. There two things you need to know about Athens’ street food scene – it’s mainly dominated by gyros, souvlaki or any other type of meat wrapped in pita bread and tzatziki goes well with almost everything.  We picked the top 10 street foods to eat in Athens but if you’re visiting the Greek capital make sure you try all local specialties and delights, because they’re delicious.

#1: Koulouri Thessalonikis

The Greek version of sesame bread rings and one of the most popular street eats in the country.

#2: Tiropita

Layered filo pastries with cheese-egg filling, baked in different sizes.

#3: Souvlaki

Grilled meat skewers, usually served with vegetables, pita bread and a sauce or wrapped in a pita with french fries, onion and tzatziki.

#4: Gyros

The gyros is an essential part of Athens’ street food scene and traditionally made of a mixture of roasted meats on a split (lamb, beef and pork), served in a pita bread with olive oil, salt and oregano. Other ingredients like tomatoes, tzatziki, french fries or spicy sauce could also be added.

#5: Spanakopita

Greek spinach and feta cheese pie with filo dough.



#6: Kolokithokeftedes (Greek Zucchini Fritters)

Deep fried zucchini patties with feta cheese and herbs, served with tzatziki.

#7: Loukoumades

Sweet deep fried dough balls drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon.

#8: Pasteli

Sweet bar traditionally made of sesame seeds and honey, but other nuts like pistachios, walnuts and almonds could also be added.

#9: Keftedes

Greek-style lamb meatballs with fresh oregano and mint, served with a sauce, tzatziki or salad.

#10: Halva

A delicious dairy-free Greek semolina cake made of oil, semolina, sugar and water, served with raisins or nuts.


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