The Republic of Ireland may not be seen as the winner of Euro 2016 in France, but the Irish fans have definitely won the internet with their behaviour. Unlike the supporters of some other countries, the Irish fans are not fighting to catch the attention, but have made headlines worldwide for all the right reasons. We selected some of the most interesting moments so far that show us how amazing the Irish fans are.

They have good manners

Irish fans cleaning up after themselves in Bordeaux

They get together with other nations

Singing ABBA with the Swedes

They are romantic


 Irish fans serenade French girl in Bordeaux.


They are caring


Irish fans singing lullabies to a baby on the tram in Bordeaux


They pay respect


During a game between Republic of Ireland and Sweden, Irish fans stand up to pay tribute to the 24-year-old Darren Rodgers who died in Nice.

They are helping


Irish lads help an old couple with changing a tyre.



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