Having a boring sex life? Looking for pleasure and thrill? Sex toys always help to bring some excitement under the sheets, but don’t go too far. We searched the internet for the kinkiest and riskiest toys out there and we found some quite bizarre and disturbing stuff that people actually use to give them pleasure. The items listed below are not the average sex toys you can buy from the local sex shop and they require to be extremely careful and cautious, so keep that in mind if you ever feel like trying them. We introduce you the Ballz Gag And 7 Other Shocking And Dangerous Sex Toys:

#1: Ballz Gag

Price: $41.49 (On sale)

#2: Electro Sex MyStim Power Box – Tension Lover

Price: $189.99

#3: 10 Bead Urethral Plug

Price: $49.99

#4: Spider Mouth Gag

Price: $20.99

#5: Cruel Condom

Price: $43.99

#6: Toilet Paper Dispenser – Humiliator Gag System

Price: $44.99

#7: Pubic Enemy 2 Electro Cock Cage

Price: $168.99

#8: TAZapper (Electric Shock)

Price: $44.99


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