We know that luxury knows no boundaries – be it houses, food, cars or vacations. And liqueurs are no exception. We searched for the most expensive bottles of alcohol around the world and we found some extremely pricey bottles we had no idea existed. The amount of money that these bottles cost may seem ridiculous to you, but there is a simple explanation – diamonds and gold. These liqueurs not only come with crystals and diamonds, but some of them are also filtered through gems!

Let’s have a look at the most expensive liquors in the world a.k.a what billionaires like to drink at their parties.

Diva Vodka

Price: $1 million

A super-premium vodka, filtered seven times through ice, charcoal and then through a sand made of diamonds. If this is not enough for you, the bottle also contains precious stones. And because every Diva deserves a diamond bracelet, the vodka comes with a shiny removable bracelet!

Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne

Price: $2,0 million

As it name suggests, it’s a cognac for kings! Or in this case, billionaires. Aged for 100 years, its bottle is made with 24-carat gold and sterling platinum that is covered with 6,500 diamonds. Sounds like a nice drink to enjoy in a private jet!

Henri IV

Tequila Ley .925

Price: $3,5 million

What makes this tequila special is the unique process of production, but not only. Tequila Ley .925 is in a bottle that’s made of platinum and contains 6,400 diamonds. So far there is no information about its taste, as no one has purchased it yet (at least we don’t such person)!

Billionaire Vodka – Russian Superior

Price: $3,75 million

The queen of all vodkas and officially world’s most expensive vodka. It could be delivered to any place in the world and arrives via white-gloved secure armed courier! The Billionaire Vodka is made with natural spring water and is triple distilled. First through ice, then through Nordic birch charcoal and then is passed through sand made from crushed diamonds and gems. The bottle is hand-crafted and encrusted with diamonds. What more can you ask for? Oh, not to forget that the vodka also comes with 24 hour Billionaires Card Concierge service.

Isabella’s Islay Whisky

Price: $6,2 million

You’re probably wondering why a bottle of whisky costs that much? Well, you already know. It’s the bottle itself – made of white gold and covered with 8,500 diamonds and 300 rubies. Seems legit, right? In addition to this, you can personalize the bottle with your name on it. Yay! Isabella’s Islay comes from Scotland and is produced by the highest standards in whisky making.


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