Imagine floating on Rotterdam’s canals in Holland or drinking a glass of champagne and cruising down on the Thames river in London while you’re soaking in a steaming hot tub? Yes, this is Hot Tug – the new revolutionary wood-fired hot tub that allows you to sail and bathe at the same time. It’s an awesome experience you definitely want to try.

Invented by the Dutch designer Frank de Bruijn, the hot tug is equipped with a wood-burning underwater stove that can heat up to 2000 liters of water to 38 degrees Celsius in a few hours.

It can be sailed on almost any water and can hold up to eight people. You also get to choose whether you want to be the captain of the tub or you prefer or be accompanied by a staff member.

The floating hot tug is gradually making its way trough Europe and now is available to rent in Rotterdam, London, Helsinki, Turku, Zurich and Copenhagen.

Hot tub in the backyard is so old school, right?


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