Forget about gym workouts, meal plans and painful exercises. Pornhub is here to help you get fit.

The largest pornography video sharing website has joined the fight against obesity and sedentary lifestyle with a new ‘sexercise’ program, called BangFit. As you can guess by its name, this slimming method includes a lot of banging.

Pornhub believes that the ‘fitness miracle’, as they call it, is the right way to a healthier lifestyle and is going to motivate more people to get fit by doing something they actually like.

How it works?

After you register on the website, you can choose between three modes – single, 2 players or ‘multiplayer’ and then you select your workout routine. From then on, it’s all up to you. The program will show you a lot of fun exercises and sex positions and you can start burning calories.

But that’s not all…

The ‘sexercise’ program comes with an accessory – a smartphone adjustable band (The BangFit Band) that tracks your movements when worn around your waist.



The app will record your movements and will give you points depending on how good you are at copying the moves showed on the screen. You can also keep track of the calories burnt during sex and there is an option to share your achievements on social media, nice huh?!

The latest venture by Pornhub is only workable for heterosexual ‘players’ for now, but the website may soon create a program for its homosexual fans, too.

This is not the first time Pornhub launches bizarre products. Last year the company launched a Twerking Butt sex toy that can be purchased for $599.


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