The food comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and we’ve also seen it being delivered by monkeys, waitresses dressed like nurses, topless baristas… so it’s no surprise to see your meal delivered by a rollercoaster! A newly opened restaurant in the United Kingdom offers to its customers a unique dining experience that’s not only nourishing, but very fun as well.

Alton Towers Rollercoaster Restaurant in Staffordshire, UK is part of a restaurant chain with several locations throughout the world where food and drinks are delivered by rollercoaster tracks directly to customer’s table. Before reaching the table, the meals glide down in special devices and pass through loops, spirals and steep turns.

Check out this short video to have a closer look inside the rollercoaster restaurant. (Check below for long video & info)

The system allows you to watch your food while it’s coming to your table.

All diners can order from the menu using a tablet and then they have to wait until their dish arrives on the 400 meters of steel track to the table.

Look inside the Rollercoaster Restaurant:


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