Silistar beach is one of the most amazing and peaceful places on the Black Sea Coast and it’s also one of the virgin beaches in Bulgaria. Situated in the southernmost part of the coast, it lies remote from the mainstream tourist destinations in the country, making it a real hidden-gem! You can see Bulgaria’s Silistar Beach By Drone in the video below.

Silistar is well known for its well preserved and rich in diversity ecosystem, crystal clear waters and golden sands. The area, which was declared protected in 1992, is also home to many rare and endangered birds and other species.

Nestled between the coastal villages of Sinemoretz and Rezovo, it remains off the beaten track, so it’s the perfect place for relaxation and peaceful vacation in Bulgaria!

Watch the video and enjoy this charming beauty from bird’s-eye!

Don’t forget to stop by Silistar Beach next time you’re visiting Bulgaria!


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