The President of the Rural Commercial Bank in Changzhi province has been suspended after a video, released on Sunday, showed bank employees being spanked publicly, on a stage.

The bizarre punishment was for 8 employees of the bank, who were not “exceeding themselves” and was carried out by a trainer, hired by the bank. The video, posted on People’s Daily Facebook page, shows the trainer asking the employees: “Why you ranked the lowest today?”, following with their answers: “Because I have not exceeded myself”. And then they’re spanked.

According to a statement, released by the Changzhi Rural Commercial Bank, this outrageous practice has never happened in training sessions before and the case will be investigated. The bank also said that the trainers were hired from “Hongfeng Leadership Academy” in Shanghai.

The video went viral quickly and sparked international reactions, calling for publicly humiliation and punishment for the trainer.



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