Far away from the shiny windows of your local shopping mall there lies a whole different world of unusual shopping experiences that you probably have no idea existed. Whether you’re looking for super powers, a bride or an old umbrella, these places have it all. Here are 7 unusual markets and shops from around the world.

1. Witches’ Market, La Paz, Bolivia

Abracadabra! This is witches and sorcerers’ favorite place to go shopping for Llama fetuses, toad talismans, owl feathers and other bizarre stuff.

2. Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

From costumes and capes to secret identities and super powers – here you can buy everything a superhero might ever need.

3. Muara Kuin Floating Market, Muara Kuin, Indonesia

We bet you’ve never been grocery shopping by boat… The Muara Kuin Floating Market is a unique place where trading takes place on boats called jukung.

4. Duke of Uke, London, UK

This shop is entirely dedicated to selling ukuleles and banjos and is considered as one of the best music shops in the world. You can also take ukulele lessons and enjoy live performances.

5. Gypsy Brides Market, Bulgaria

Looking for a bride? These markets are held several times a year and young girls, dressed in their most beautiful dresses and finest jewelry, hope to meet their future husband who is willing to pay a certain price for them.

6. The Old Umbrella Shop, Launceston, Tasmania

One of Australia’s oldest and still running retail stores sells all kinds of umbrellas and souvenirs, but you can also find National Trust and local Tasmanian products.

7. FREITAG Flagship Store, Zürich, Switzerland

What makes this store special is that it is built from 19 rusty shipping containers and sells fashionable bags made from recycled materials.


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