Who knew that mixing different sports could be so fun? Here are 7 bizarre sports you probably never heard of, but you’ll surely want to try. Just keep in mind that most of them require well-developed skills and techniques so be careful!

#1 Chess boxing

Chess boxing is a sport for the body and the brain. It is a relatively new sport that includes alternating rounds of chess and boxing. It was invented by the Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh, whose inspiration was a French comic book portraying a chess boxing world championship. It is popular in Germany and United Kingdom, but is also played in India and Russia.



#2 Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is a game between two teams of three players, similar to volleyball in terms of scoring and rules, but is played without hands. The players are allowed to touch the ball only with their feet, knee, chest and head. It requires a lot of skills, flexibility and speed to kick the ball over the 1.52-meter high net and score a point. Sepak Takraw originates from Southeast Asia and is very popular in Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines.



#3 Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey is another weird sport that you probably didn’t know existed. It is played on the bottom of a swimming pool by two teams of six players, using wooden sticks about the size of a banana. The goal is to push the puck into the opponent’s goal.



#4 Volcano Boarding

Volcano boarding is a fun and extreme sport, popular in Central America that represents racing down the Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua. Only thrill seekers participate in it as Cerro Negro is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and has erupted 23 times in the last 160 years.


#5 Street Luge

Street Luge is similar to Bobsleigh, but instead on ice tracks, riders go sledging on asphalt roads using sleds with wheels that look like large skateboards. It’s extremely dangerous sport where gravity plays a major role.



#6 Buzkashi

Buzkashi is a national sport in Afghanistan and the name of the game actually means “goat grabbing”. It’s one of the most bizarre and dangerous sports played on horseback. The goal is to pick up a headless carcass of a goat from the center of the field and cross the goal line with it.  Up to 500 riders may participate in a game and there are strict official rules for playing Buzkashi.



#7 Headis

Headis is one really strange sport. It’s like playing table tennis, but instead of paddle players use their head to hit a 7-inch rubber ball on a ping pong table. This bizarre game is becoming very popular in Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.



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