No one can argue that drinking unites people and make them connect with each other in different ways. What’s even better than just toasting with booze and chatting is a drinking game – it combines two of the best things in the world – drinks and games. Drinking games make every party funnier, wilder and more intoxicated (which is good, right?). So, let’s have a look around the world and see how different nations like to do it. Here are 6 drinking games you may have never heard of but you will want to play:

1. Kastenlauf (Germany)

A game for active folks who want to drink and burn some calories. Kastenlauf is a race between teams of two who have to carry a crate of beer for certain distance (5km or 10 km) and have to drink all the beer before crossing the finish line. It’s a strange German game also known as beer crate running and is believed to have started centuries ago when two dudes got kicked out of a party, so they kept partying all the way to the next village with a crate full of beer.

2. Bear Paw (Russia)

Originating from Russia, this game has no winner and the goal is drink until everyone passes out. Rules are simple: fill a large mug with beer, take a sip and pass it to the next player – but before that you have to top it with some vodka. So after each person drinks, the mug is filled with vodka and the game continues until everyone passes out. We all know that beer and vodka is a horrible combination, but if by some miracle, there is someone alive or awake after the last sip – he is the winner.

3. Ping Pong Pang (Japan)

First of all, this game has nothing to do with ping pong or beer pong. Coming from Japan, Ping Pong Pang is a fun drinking game that you’ll love and hate. The first player starts with saying Ping, the one sitting on his right has to say Pong and the one on the left have to say Pang. The player who says Pang has to point to someone else and the round starts again. Everything has to be done quickly and if anyone makes a mistake or it takes him too long to answer – he drinks.

4. Hammerschlagen (Germany)

Hammerschlagen (“Hammer-Striking”) is a great outdoor drinking game that’s played with a hammer or an axe, nails and a tree stump. A nail is stuck into the wood in front of each player and he has to use the wedge-end of the hammer to hit the nail. If he misses – he drinks. The goal is to stick your nail further into the log and the play continues until the last player has driven the head of their nail to the surface of the wood. The first one who do it wins the game and gets a free shot and the last one buys the next round. Men can use only one hand, while female players are allowed to use both. The game is traditionally played in Germany around Oktoberfest.

5. Napkin, Beer, Cigarette (South Korea)

Also popular as Burn the Napkin or Coin Drop, this game is good for small companies and was probably invented by some bored students. To play it you have to fill a large glass with beer, cover it with a napkin, put a coin in the center and start making holes around it with a cigarette. The player who makes the coin drop in the glass has to drink the beer. And then the game starts again.

6. Goon of Fortune (Australia)

Goon of Fortune is a traditional Australian game that’s essential to every party and the best place to play it is in the backyard. Goon bags are filled with alcohol (mainly wine) and pinned to a rotating clothesline, all players stand in a circle around it and one of them have to spin it. Wherever the bag lands, the person must drink from it. The last one standing is the winner. You can also invent additional rules to make it funnier.


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