Finland is a splendid country and every piece of it is worth exploring, but during winter some areas are hard to access. Although many consider Finland as a winter destination, the best time to visit the Scandinavian country is during midsummer when everything blossoms and people are happier. If you’re thinking about traveling to this destination, here are 5 reasons to visit Finland in midsummer:

1. Never-Ending Daylight

In the summertime, Finland experiences 24-hour periods of sunlight, so you’ll have more time to do cool things and have more travel adventures. This is also a rare natural phenomenon and Finland is one of the few places in Europe where you can experience that.



2. Midsummer festivities

Finns celebrate the longest day of the year with many festivities. Midsummer Day is usually around the 21st of June and is also a national holiday, honored with many celebrations, concerts and other events. Most Finns head to their summer cottages to party, relax, enjoy the nature, swim and play drinking games.



3. Coastal towns

Finnish coastal towns are charming when they ‘awaken’ from the winter and you can choose from plenty of activities to do and attractions to visit.



4. The nature

Finland’s nature is majestic, but during the cold winter months everything is covered with snow and many places are not easy to access. That’s why midsummer is the perfect time of the year to explore country’s beautiful nature.



5. People are happier

Finns are extremely happy to have warmer days, so when the summer begins they become overjoyed.