Nothing can substitute a nice cup of dark and aromatic coffee in the morning. It’s even better if you enjoy your coffee in a cozy and friendly atmosphere and that’s why we selected some of the best cafes in Dublin. Below are the top 5 places to drink your morning coffee in Dublin like a local.

#1 The Bald Barista at Aungier Street

The iconic ‘bald’ barista has been brewing the city’s best coffee for some years now, and has also some of the friendliest service. Which is very pleasant, especially first thing in the morning!



#2 Kaph at Drury Street

The place looks cool and the coffee does indeed taste great, although a bit pricier than other options. Great place for people watching too.



#3 Aperitivo at Parliament Street

This new cafe/pizzeria is crammed into a small space, but at €1.50 for truly great coffee before 9.30AM, it’s well worth checking out.  It costs additional 50 cent for an extra shot and the service is quick, reliable and friendly. You can come back for lunch too, because they have amazing pizzas!



#4 The Fumbally, Fumbally Lane/Clanbrassil Street

This large ‘Berlin’ style café has been a huge hit over recent years, packed full of creative and food conscious types, with many beards to be seen!  But you don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy their great coffee, comfy decor or fast wi-fi.




#5 Nick’s Coffee Company at Ranelagh Road

A little bit out of town, 15 minutes walk, Ranelagh has cafes and restaurants in abundance, but this little spot beside a car park has really caught the eye of Dubliners recently. It’s little more than a coffee stand really, but the coffee is excellent, especially the flat-white and the queue every morning and weekend speaks volumes, check it out!



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