Dubai is a land of indulgence, where nothing is impossible and where wealthy people like to go and spend their money. The city is famous for its extravagant attractions and things to do that make it one of the top travel destinations in the world. It offers unique experiences and sights that you’ll hardly find in any other city around the world. Here are 10 weird things you can only see in Dubai:

1. Аir-conditioned bus stops

Waiting for the bus at 48 °C could be hard to bear and that little bus stop looks like a mirage in the desert. Rest of the world, please take a note!

2. Rare exotic animals as pets

If you’re a wealthy man in Dubai, you can own almost anything that you want – be it big cats, lions, birds and even apes.

You’ll often see pets riding in luxury vehicles or yachts.

3. Supercars in the police fleet 

With such an abundance of abandoned luxury cars on the streets of Dubai, it’s no wonder that the police also drives Lexus, BMW and Lamborghini.

Dubai’s police fleet also includes Porsche Panamera, Ford Mustang GT, Chevrolet Camaro SS, and even a Bentley Continental GT.

4. Gold vending machines

Of course… because you never know when you’ll need some gold bars!

5.  And golden cars…

6. Tennis courts in the sky

The highest tennis court in the world is located on top of Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious hotel in the world.

7. Indoor ski resort inside the shopping mall

The Mall of the Emirates boasts the first ski resort in the Middle East. You can go skiing or snowboarding inside the mall’s special ski slope.

8. Free food for the poor or unemployed

Yes, there are poor people in Dubai too, most of them mainly foreigners. That’s why some business owners are giving away free meals to people with low incomes and to those who struggle to make a living.

9. Fire trucks and ambulances that look like this

10. Abandoned luxury cars on the streets

During the financial crisis, many people couldn’t pay their loans and sunk in debt, so they just parked their expensive cars and left the country to avoid jail.


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