Let’s go on a food tour to discover the signature Swedish dishes that every traveler should try! The country may not that popular as a culinary destination, but Sweden has a delightful cuisine that offers many great meals, much more than just the meatballs you know from IKEA. Most local dishes are based on seafood (prawns, salmon), meat (pork, veal, elk) and vegetables, food is simple yet flavorful and delicious and lingonberry jam is put almost on everything. Not to mention the mouthwatering sweets, including the famous Princess Cake and the traditional waffles.

Here are 10 Traditional Swedish Foods To Eat When In Stockholm:

#1 Räksmörgås (Prawn Sandwich)

A traditional Swedish smörgås (open sandwich) made with shrimps or prawns, boiled egg slices, lettuce, tomato and cucumber, served with a creamy sauce made of dill, sour cream and roe.


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#2 Köttbullar (Swedish meatballs)

The famous Swedish meatballs are made of ground meat (elk, pork or veal), onion milk and breadcrumbs, served with lingonberry jam and mashed potatoes.



#3 Prinsesstårta (Princess cake)

Sweden’s favourite princess cake has layers lined with vanilla custard and jam and is then topped with whipping cream and a thin layer of marzipan


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#4 Flygande Jacob (Chicken and Banana Casserole)

The Flying Jacob is another typical Swedish dish that that consists of chicken, cream, chili sauce, bananas, roasted peanuts and bacon.



#5 Kroppkakor (Potato Dumplings)

Potato dumplings filled with bacon and onion.

#6 Gravlax

Marinated salmon with dill, usually eaten with vegetables and Knäckebröd (Crispbread) or a slice of bread. Perfect snack or breakfast food.



#7 Kräftor (Crayfish)

Cooked with salt, sugar and dill, crayfish is Swedes favorite food to eat during the traditional kräftskivor (crayfish parties).


#8 Våfflor

Waffles are a big thing in Sweden and locals like to eat them topped with whipped cream and jam or fresh fruits.

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#9 Spettekaka (Spit cake)

Recognized by the EU as a food with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), this unique Swedish cake comes from Skåne and is a real piece of art. It is made from a batter of eggs, sugar and potato flour and is baked on a spit.

#10 Gubbröra (Egg Salad with Anchovies)

Salad with spice-cured anchovies, boiled eggs, finely chopped dill and chives.

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