Looking for a new career path? Or maybe you’re bored of working at the office? If you’re feeling lost and you’re not sure what to do with your life, that means it’s time to try something a little bit different. Nowadays people are getting paid to do really bizarre things: from sniffing armpits to babysitting ostriches and diving for lost golf balls. Have a look at our list with 10 of the strangest jobs in the world and you may find you inspiration!

#10: Golf Ball Diver

Lakes, risk polluted waters, and alligator-infested ponds are full of used golf balls and these guys’ job is to go diving and collect them. It’s one of the most dangerous and weirdest careers in the world, but some divers claim to have made millions.

#9: Dice Quality Inspector

Every tiny dice has to be perfect or even the little flaw can affect the game. That’s why it goes through a series of quality control tests handled by a professional inspector.

#8: Water Slide Tester

Sounds like the best job in the world, but also comes with serious responsibilities. The inspector has to visit water parks and test each new water slide.

#7: Train Stuffers

You’ve probably seen those viral videos on YouTube showing how people are being pushed on the trains in Japan. The government actually hires those officers and pay them to do so.


#6: Chicken Sexer

Simply said, these people get paid to figure out the gender of a chicken – whether it’s male or a female. Trained professionals a.k.a. chicken sexers are hired to distinguish the differences in the genitalia of one-day-old chicks.

#5: Professional Apologizer

People hiring other people to say ‘I’m sorry’ on their behalf? Yes, it does sound bizarre, but what’s not in Japan?

#4: Ostrich Babysitter

It’s just like babysitting kids, but this time ostriches – you just have to keep an eye on the young babies and make sure they don’t kill each other. Isn’t it the cutest job ever?

#3: Odor Tester

Possibly one of the most disgusting jobs in the world (together with #2). As an Odor Tester you’re required to sniff people’s armpits and others body odors, which helps cosmetic companies in developing their products like deodorants.  Stinky job, huh?

#2: Professional Fart Smeller

Believe it or not, there are people who get paid to smell human and animal farts and analyze and diagnose them based on the odors. It’s really one of the weirdest jobs in the world, but actually pays pretty well. Professional fart smellers can earn up to $50, 000 a year.

#1: Elephant Dresser

Of course, someone has to dress the elephants! That’s why in some countries special people are hired to create costumes for the elephants that take part in festivals or other ceremonies.


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