Wanna try something spicy? We picked 10 of the spiciest dishes in the world that will make you sweat, cry, scream, shake, flush, and even hallucinate. And we’re not joking.

#10: Kimchi Jjigae

Korean-style slow cooked stew with green onions, garlic, tofu, mushrooms, and looots of red chiles, served boiling hot.

#9: Neua Pad Prik

This spicy Thai pepper steak includes shallots, basil, garlic and sliced beef, but what makes special this otherwise boring dish are the bird’s-eye chiles, which have between 100,000-225,000 Scoville heat units. Enjoy!

#8: Otak-Otak

This innocent looking Indonesian dish actually consist of spicy fish cakes, tapioca starch, and special spices (belacan and galangal) plus some of the hottest Indonesian peppers. It’s served wrapped in banana leafs.

#7: Papa a la Huancaina

A delicious spicy dish from the Peruvian cuisine cooked with potatoes, hard-boiled eggs and topped with a flavorful yellow cheese sauce made with aji amarillo peppers and habanero peppers. Don’t be fooled by its appearance – the combination will set your mouth on fire from the first bite.

#6: Phaal Curry

Probably the spiciest of the spiciest dishes in the Indian cuisine, Phaal Curry actually originates from an Indian restaurant in Birmingham. It consists of a thick tomato base, ginger, and fennel seeds, combined with varieties of hot chili peppers like scotch bonnet, habanero or ghost peppers. The spiciness can vary depending on the type and amount of chillis. Some chefs have made Phaal Curry using 10 different types.

#5: Sichuan Hot Pot

This traditional Chinese dish will make you sweat from the moment you taste it. It hotness comes from a combination of beef, mushrooms, garlic, onion, Sichuan peppers and the special Sichuan pepper oil that can be found in the region. Sometimes it’s even cooked with pig brain, cow’s throat, and duck blood.

#4: Tom Yum

A soup coming from Thailand that consists of spicy meats or seafood, bird’s-eye pepper, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, galangal, and fish sauce. Heatness can vary depending on the color of the broth – from bright orange to red hot, so you will know what to expect.

#3: Vindaloo Pork

This dish is similar to the Phaal Curry in terms of spiciness and is made of marinated meat, Kashmiri or ghost chiles, tamarind, black pepper, cinnamon, and cardamom.

#2: Suicide Chicken Wings

The name says it all – these are the hottest chicken wings you could ever eat, though their spiciness can vary. They are made with the spiciest marinade ever, consisting of smokey paprica, honey, white wine vinegar and the main “suicide” ingredient – hot Bhut Jolokia chillies. Most restaurants will ask you to sing a disclaimer before eating this dish, but if you finish all 7 wings, you’ll get a T-shirt and a place on the wall of fame.

#1: The Widower

Created with 20 extremely hot Naga Infinity Chillies and measured six million units on the Scoville scale of heat, The Windower Curry is a a spicy masterpiece created in the Bindi Indian restaurant in Grantham, Lincolnshire. It’s officially the hottest dish in the world – cooked with goggles and face masks for protection, it’s 200 times hotter than a jalapeno and causes hallicunations. Many people have tried to eat it, but a 55-years old British doctor is the first one to finish the whole dish just for an hour. So far only ten people out of 30,000 who have tried have managed to finish it.


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