Sofia is one of the most underrated European capitals, but that doesn’t have to stop you from visiting it. In fact, Bulgaria’s capital is a beautiful and lively city with its own style that gradually makes you fall in love with it. Sofia has a lot to offer – from exceptional history, well-preserved churches, archaeological sites, historic landmarks, museums, galleries, parks to plenty of adventures, great food, and friendly people. If you still have doubts about traveling to Sofia for your next vacation, put them aside for a while and enjoy our gallery with 10 images that will inspire you to visit Sofia!

Ivan Vazov National Theatre

Ivan Vazov

‘Ivan Vazov’ is Bulgaria’s oldest and most notable theater. It’s located in the city center of Sofia and is surrounded by a beautiful park and a fountain, making a hot spot for both tourists and locals. | Source


Nezavisimost Square (The Largo)

Ariana Lake

Ariana Lake

Ariana Lake is located in Knyaz Boris’s Garden | Source

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The Rotunda, The Church of St. George

The Presidency

Eagles’ Bridge

St. Nedelya Church

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski

National Palace of Culture
National Palace of Culture, Sofia


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