Playing sports, listening to music and celebrating Valentine’s day are just some of the forbidden things in Saudi Arabia. The laws in the country are often considered bizarre for the contemporary world. Have a look at some of the strangest bans in Saudi Arabia.

Interaction Between Men and Women

Saudi Arabian women are not allowed to work together with men or have any other mingling with the males, except for their spouse.


Men are also restricted to visit any public places, educational institutions and offices without a woman with them. Some dining places are even separated into two parts.


Movie Theaters

Cinemas are banned in Saudi Arabia to prevent mingling of men and women.

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Sport Activities and Gyms

Women are not allowed to do any sports or other physical activities and school gyms for girls no longer exist in Saudi Arabia. It is believed that only men can be athletes.

Women Drivers   The laws in Saudi Arabia prohibit female drivers and if a woman has to go somewhere, she must be accompanied by her husband or other male family member. The ban aims to discourage women from going out alone and meeting other males. 15226613940_cfa10d3e41_z Image Try on Clothes in Shops   The Saudi Arabian men can’t even handle the thought of a women, undressing and trying on clothes in public places. 0 Grana HQ 01

Valentine’s Day

No chocolate hearts or teddy bears on the 14th February in Saudi Arabia. The country has banned celebrating Valentine’s day and people are not allowed to wear anything red on this day. The regulation aims to prevent dating and extramarital relations with the opposite sex.

Have one Valentine cookie please*** :-)

Music Classes There is a law that bans music classes in public schools and listening to music in public places like malls and restaurants is prohibited . music is my first love

Swimming in pools 

Women are not even allowed to look at the men in the swimming pool and see them in their swimsuits.

289.Swimming Pools...Traveling Alone If a woman is not married in Saudi Arabia, she has to be escorted by a male guardian everywhere she goes. In addition to this, women must ask their guardians for permissions to do certain things.   Woman


The messaging app Viber is banned in the country, but some people still find a way to use it and communicate and make free calls.